Sunshine Coast & Maleny Bridal Wedding Tips 


Advice for the planning wedding you really want - avoid these common wedding mistakes.

You are planning a Sunshine Coast Hinterland wedding - and probably getting an overwhelming amount of congratulations and advice from well wishers and family members. Planning a wedding ceremony can be a busy, joyous and stressful time.

Regardless of whether you want a D.I.Y wedding or a professionally planned affair, you will have a long list of decisions that will need to be made. CLICK HERE TO START WITH IDEAS VIA OUR WEDDING PLANNING GUIDE

If you are a bride, your concerns will include your wedding dress, the venue, how you want to look, and how to achieve the look and style of your dream wedding. You will also worry about guest lists, invites, bridesmaids, the wedding party, choosing a photographer, catering, finding accommodation, wedding etiquette, seating, your budget, your venue, and if there are any minor or major things you have forgotten.

If you are a future groom, you will worry about all of the above but you may also feel a degree of anxiety about being the centre of attention, saying your vows, and staying relaxed or sober enough to actually enjoy your wedding day fully.


“In this whole getting married process, our advice to you is to firstly choose the things that you care about the most, and allocate your budget and priorities toward those important things.”

Wedding Planning Hints and Ideas

If you are getting married, our first piece of advice is to sit down together and make up a rough wedding schedule.

  1. Create your wedding budget.
  2. Draw up your tentative guest lists.
  3. Start to look at, shortlist and book your wedding and reception venues.
  4. Book your wedding photographers.
  5. Send out your save the date cards.

Then you can start the creative fun of styling your wedding, choosing your wedding attire from the wedding dress to the bridal party and planning your menu, music and vows.

Where you invest in good help you can often save thousands on heartache, inexperience and time. Our biggest tip is to plan the wedding you can afford.



Wedding Budget and Affordable D.I.Y Wedding Planning Ideas

The cost of the wedding can often be a sticky point between couples and indeed families. There is a long lists of costs that ultimately add up, once again it comes down to your priorities and who you are as a couple. Choose the things about your wedding that mean the most to you and work your way from there. Is it having a relaxed, stress free day? Consider engaging a professional wedding planner. If you feel confident you can pull off a D.I.Y wedding, you may have change for spectacular wedding photography, wedding decor , catering, or a larger guest list. Many couples place high value on quality wedding photographers. If that is the case we have some further tips and advice in relation to wedding and engagement photography.

A good photographer can make any location work - a poor photographer can make the best location look like rubbish.


Shopping For a Wedding Dress and Wedding Attire

Finding a beautiful wedding dress that suits you, your style, your figure and your budget can be a daunting task. It’s ok to look for wedding dress inspiration online. Refer to popular bridal blogs and websites like pinterest for wedding dress ideas. Start your own pinterest board for wedding inspiration, but stay clear on your favourites and actually write down or comment what it is about the particular images that you like. Consider a wedding stylist - a good wedding stylist can give you non partial honest advice that best suits you.

We strongly recommend you do not buy your wedding dress from an online store, sight unseen, without firstly trying it on. Once you have a few ideas you can go to a bridal store and try a few dresses on. Photos on websites can be very misleading. Don’t take too many people with you to try wedding dresses on - it will only confuse you. Make sure you leave yourself enough time if you are getting a custom made wedding dress, as well as any alterations or adjustments. That includes bridesmaids and flower girl dresses as well as grooms attire.

Can’t find a wedding dress you love?

Have a look over on our instagram page, as well as popular hashtags. We often get feedback that brides are loving our wedding dress inspiration and ideas. Consider altering or adjusting something that might be close, but not perfect. Finally, take a break, step back and consider what it really is that you are finding it hard to get fulfilment on.

Once you have a decision on the overall style and ‘feel’ of your wedding dress, work your way through the complementary aspects of the visual look of your wedding - the bridesmaids dresses, possible colour schemes, possible theming to all tie in with your choice of venue and ‘feel’.

More and more couples are wanting weddings that are an expression of ‘who they are’ as a couple. Often the bigger picture is overwhelming, so take small steps and it will all fall into place.

Planning The Guestlist, Seating Arrangements and Family Dramas

The size of your wedding guest list might quickly blow out from what you have a budget for. You will worry about offending distant relatives, or that you cannot invite everyone you would like.

Ultimately, remember that your wedding is about you, your family and the people in your immediate and inner circle. Make it quite clear on your invitations that the wedding is by invitation only so you aren’t worrying about unexpected, uninvited arrivals.

Don’t send out wedding invitations hoping for a number of non responses - assume everyone you invite can make it otherwise you are creating more headaches than you bargained for.

Whether you are going for a traditional seating plan or something more conventional, remember your wedding is about celebrating you as a couple. Family can cause an unlimited amount of pre nuptial stress for newlyweds. Stay clear in yourself about what your wedding is truly about, and leave the rest behind.

Top Tips, Hints and ideas for planning a Montville Maleny Wedding.

Losing Weight and Getting in Shape for Your Wedding Day

You want to look and feel absolutely amazing on your wedding day. You might have set yourself a goal to drop some kilos. Remember to be kind to yourself, and be realistic. The ‘you’ that got engaged was good enough, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to lose weight. If you are having trouble getting motivated and really want a framework, set yourself some goals and a timeline. Be healthy, not drastic. Focus on good , whole food and being active, as well as being happy inside and out. The rest will fall into place.

Pre Wedding Jitters, Nervous Grooms and Cold Feet

You wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t feel a little bit nervous about your wedding day. It’s a big deal! Some couples, particularly if you are shy, can feel overwhelmed and anxious about everything from saying your vows to the wedding kiss, walking down the aisle, being photographed, the first dance, being looked at - the list goes on. Take a breath and remember it is 100% normal to feel that way. Only take on what you think you can manage emotionally - for a day you can truly enjoy.

Wedding Style and Decor Ideas and Inspiration

Grab a notepad and have a brainstorming session about the things you love, the things that define you, and the things that shape your identity as a couple. That will give you a framework to shape a wedding theme or decor ideas for a stunning bespoke wedding reflective of you. From a Boho inspired theme with Tipi marquee, to an elegant traditional, black tie affair.

Wedding Etiquette - Iphones, Facebook, Gifts - An Unplugged Wedding

You’ll need to resolve and clarify a few issues in and around your own list of Do’s and Don’ts for your wedding day. Many couples opt for unplugged weddings - this is so they can truly share the beauty of the moment with their loved ones, rather than a wall of small black boxes. It is also considered quite rude for wedding guests to post multiple images of the wedding to social media. Allow the bride and groom to keep control of their wedding, if they wish, and release their official wedding photos online. Advise your celebrant or MC of your do’s and dont’s prior to the ceremony. With clear directions in place, everyone can kick back and enjoy themselves.

Selecting The Best Wedding Suppliers

There are more than a few horror stories about how arrogant, inefficient or plain incompetent wedding industry professionals can ruin a wedding day. Make sure you carefully vet your wedding suppliers. Insta famous does not equal competent. We’ve heard tales of wedding woe from celebrity caterers completely wrecking a schedule to photographers making brides cry.

Referrals and testimonials are the best way to assure yourself about how experienced and competent your wedding supplier is.

A quick word of advice on wedding celebrants - make sure you fully brief your wedding celebrant on what you want from them and where you want them to be at key moments. Some wedding celebrants like to be in the middle of all of the action which doesn’t create beautiful wedding images.

For bridal hair and make-up, definitely book a trial date and be prepared with a very clear description of what you want. Ask to see previous work, the look and feel of what the hairdresser or makeup artist has produced recently.

Booking a Wedding Photographer - How Long For and What Does it Cost?

Most wedding photographers offer a range of options from short to half day and full day wedding photography packages. It depends on whether you want the ceremony only photographed or the day in its entirety. Of a recent survey of couples, most rank the quality of the wedding photography amongst their top two priorities. The wedding album will be the only tangible thing that remains after the wedding is over good photography can be a worthy investment. There is a huge difference between professional and amateur wedding photography images.

Ask your wedding photographer to show you entire galleries of individual weddings, not just highlight shots. An absolute beginner should be able to get two or three good pictures from a wedding. But a professional wedding photographer should be able to give you at least 300 quality images.