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GORGEOUS GARDENS AND MAGICAL VIEWS set the scene for the marriage of one of Australia's best-known psychics Charmaine Wilson to her American fiance Patrick Painter on the deck of the secluded Treetops 'Sundance' guest lodge in July 2010.

Charmaine, winner of the reality television program The One: Search for Australia's Most Gifted Psychic in 2008, and also Queensland Psychic of the Year in 2009, was dramatically beautiful in a black lace dress worn with bright red boots. Her handsome American groom, the former member of a band which included Montville's Mark and Zana Trenerry, looked equally striking in red and black.

Charmaine's two teenage sons 'gave her away' while Patrick's elegantly dressed elderly father acted as 'page boy' by presenting the rings to the happy couple, accompanied by whoops of delight from the congregation.

The 70 guests included 15 of Patrick's friends and family who had flown in from the USA just for the wedding. After a reception at Zana's@Montville restaurant, the bridal couple and their American guests returned to Treetops 'Sundance' for a further week of celebrations and bonding.

"What a spot!", exclaimed Patrick happily at the ceremony, gazing out at the expansive views from 'Sundance'.

What a spot indeed! 'Sundance' is a large cosy lodge with panoramic ocean and valley views hidden away on 21 glorious acres near Montville. The property also includes 'Starlight', a modern corrugated tree house perched on the escarpment, and 'Moonshadow', a cedar cabin with huge decks and magnificent vistas.

Given the mystical quality of this hinterland location, it's not surprising that it should attract someone with such strong spiritual beliefs as Charmaine Wilson, whose psychic ability lay dormant until she began hearing voices following her father's death in 1999. Several years later, after coming to terms with her unique gift, she began working as a spirit medium with focus on helping bereaved people cope with loss. She has written two books, can be heard on regional radio, and regularly tours Australia with her Spirit Whispers workshops.

The One, Channel 7's reality television show in which she was named Australia's Most Gifted Psychic, pitted Charmaine against her peers in various trials including clairvoyance, telepathy and mediumship. The program was judged by metaphysician Stacey Demarco and Australian Skeptics Association vice-president Richard Saunders with the final vote coming from the Australian viewing public.

Charmaine and Patrick will settle in Brisbane but Montville, with its joyous memories of their beautiful hinterland Treetops wedding, will remain a regular romantic getaway for this happy couple.

"We absolutely love Montville, there was just no other place to be for the wedding," said Patrick several days later from 'Sundance'. "The view from here is just spectacular. What a wonderful place to come and spend our honeymoon, and have our wedding. It's just so spiritual. To wake up and see the sunrise, and to sit on this balcony and watch the sunset, and to walk through the town ... We really want to thank everyone very, very much! And we'll be back, like we always are. We can't stay away from Montville."

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Story by Sharyn Peacocke, filed 18.7.10
Photograph of bridal couple by Sharyn Peacocke
Sundance photograph courtesy of Treetops Montville